Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Nude" Heels for Every Skin Tone

I was recently looking at an article on College Candy and saw a comment that stated that nude heels were only for a certain set of skin tones and that they have yet to find a pair of brown "nude" heels. As a darker skinned individual, I beg to differ. I have about three pairs of nude heels, flats, and wedges, all that match my skin tone. You just need to know where to look. But for those who may need a bit of help, I've decided to post a few examples of what I think would be appropriate for certain skin tones.

1. Ivory

    Those with this skin tone may realize that the heels marketed "nude: may be a bit too dark for them. I suggest buying darker cream or light beige heels such as these:

2. Golden

With this skin tone, look for yellow undertones and a "light nude" color description

3. Beige

This skin tone happens to be the color "nude" refers to. Neutral, lighter skin with a hint of a tan. Basically, the nude colored shoes will work, but remember to consider your undertone if you want them to be perfect.

4. Dark Beige

This skin tone is common with Those of Hispanic, Indian, Native American or Mixed race backgrounds, not quite brown, but not beige. Look for a dark nude shoe.

5. Brown

Those of Dominican, African American, or Indian heritage may find it rather difficult to find nude heels. Try looking in the brown section for shoes to match your deeply tanned skin tone.

6. Dark Brown
This skin tone should ignore the nude description all together and look for brown shoes for the "nude" effect. Believe me, it saved you a lot of stress.

7. Rich/Deep Dark Brown

This skin tone should look for deep browns to match the richness of your skin.

I know I didn't cover all skin tones, but I attempted to get all of the major brackets. Hopefully, this will help someone in their quest for finding the perfect pair of nude heels. Feel free to comment!


I have been receiving a lot of messages and comments about finding heels at a reasonable price for darker skintones. Because of this I have made two sets for darker skintones. All of the heels are below $50US at the time of posting.