Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fashion for Finals

Alright, I'll admit it. For the entirety of finals week I'll be in leggings and sweats, and maybe a maxi skirt if I'm feeling fancy that day. It's literally the only time of the year where I honestly don't care what I'm wearing and how sloppy I look.

That being said, my lack of care shouldn't inspire you to do the same. Minimal effort will keep you looking presentable and comfortable during the stressful end of semester. It would be easiest to find a set "uniform" of clothing you will wear with each action. For example, when I take my finals, I will be in leggings and an over sized sweater or sweatshirt. When I'm studying (in my dorm), I will wear pj's. And if I run out of food and need to go to the dining hall, I'll slip on a maxi and a jacket for the 10 or so minutes I'll be outside. This method makes things a lot easier and takes the fuss out of everything.

These outfits are to inspire you to create your own "finals uniform", and if you aren't as lazy as I am, you can actually make a cute outfit out of it.

Side note: Please take the text on the clothing as humorous. I'm not actually calling anyone a nerd or geek or mean to offend anyone...

1. Dorm/Lounge wear

Final Wear

I'm literally writing this in sweats and a tee shirt. Whether you like studying in your room or in another area around your dorm, I find these items to be appropriate. I see no reason to get out of your comfortable pj's if you're going to stay in all day. I mean, take a shower, but no need to wear jeans around your dorm unless you're going somewhere. 

2. Public Studying - Academic building, Library, Outside, etc.

Finals Fashion

For studying in public, you want to look somewhat put together (or maybe not), yet comfortable. I think leggings and a baggy sweater are great for stretching put on the floor or a couch and keeping warm in drafty buildings. I suggest to wear shoes that can be easily taken off for additional comfort. Remember, you may be in there all day, so bring a water bottle and snacks so you don't drain what's left of your money.

3. Inspired By the Boys

Finals Fashion

For some reason, I've been really into the men's style section of pinterest. Men's fashion is so effortless and cozy looking that i thought it'd be perfect to emulate for exam outfits. The tee with open button down allows an enormous amount of versatility in the amount of warmth you may need, and leggings/jeggings allow full range of mobility. The boots are warm and stylish, yet can be easily taken off if the need arises. If it's cold where you are, a knit slouchy beanie and infinity scarf will work perfectly with this style. 

4. Final Boss

Finals Fashion

This final look would be my "final uniform" - leggings, sweater, boots, and socks. I included the tinted chap-stick because it's amazing and adds a hint of color to your face. The headband is optional, personally I don't like to wear them because they give me headaches, but I though it would work well with this outfit.

Hopefully this served as a quick study break for you and/or has given you some ideas for outfits during finals. 

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to comment below.