Sunday, December 9, 2012

Fashion for Finals

Alright, I'll admit it. For the entirety of finals week I'll be in leggings and sweats, and maybe a maxi skirt if I'm feeling fancy that day. It's literally the only time of the year where I honestly don't care what I'm wearing and how sloppy I look.

That being said, my lack of care shouldn't inspire you to do the same. Minimal effort will keep you looking presentable and comfortable during the stressful end of semester. It would be easiest to find a set "uniform" of clothing you will wear with each action. For example, when I take my finals, I will be in leggings and an over sized sweater or sweatshirt. When I'm studying (in my dorm), I will wear pj's. And if I run out of food and need to go to the dining hall, I'll slip on a maxi and a jacket for the 10 or so minutes I'll be outside. This method makes things a lot easier and takes the fuss out of everything.

These outfits are to inspire you to create your own "finals uniform", and if you aren't as lazy as I am, you can actually make a cute outfit out of it.

Side note: Please take the text on the clothing as humorous. I'm not actually calling anyone a nerd or geek or mean to offend anyone...

1. Dorm/Lounge wear

Final Wear

I'm literally writing this in sweats and a tee shirt. Whether you like studying in your room or in another area around your dorm, I find these items to be appropriate. I see no reason to get out of your comfortable pj's if you're going to stay in all day. I mean, take a shower, but no need to wear jeans around your dorm unless you're going somewhere. 

2. Public Studying - Academic building, Library, Outside, etc.

Finals Fashion

For studying in public, you want to look somewhat put together (or maybe not), yet comfortable. I think leggings and a baggy sweater are great for stretching put on the floor or a couch and keeping warm in drafty buildings. I suggest to wear shoes that can be easily taken off for additional comfort. Remember, you may be in there all day, so bring a water bottle and snacks so you don't drain what's left of your money.

3. Inspired By the Boys

Finals Fashion

For some reason, I've been really into the men's style section of pinterest. Men's fashion is so effortless and cozy looking that i thought it'd be perfect to emulate for exam outfits. The tee with open button down allows an enormous amount of versatility in the amount of warmth you may need, and leggings/jeggings allow full range of mobility. The boots are warm and stylish, yet can be easily taken off if the need arises. If it's cold where you are, a knit slouchy beanie and infinity scarf will work perfectly with this style. 

4. Final Boss

Finals Fashion

This final look would be my "final uniform" - leggings, sweater, boots, and socks. I included the tinted chap-stick because it's amazing and adds a hint of color to your face. The headband is optional, personally I don't like to wear them because they give me headaches, but I though it would work well with this outfit.

Hopefully this served as a quick study break for you and/or has given you some ideas for outfits during finals. 

If there are any questions, don't hesitate to comment below.

Monday, November 19, 2012

Outfits Inspired by The Voice: Melanie Martinez

     In midst of my procrastination, I have started watching The Voice, a singing competition in which contestants go through a blind audition in hopes of an established artist to want them for their team. Honestly, I thought it would be another version of American Idol, which I only watch for the auditions and I'm done. But, boy, I was presently surprised.
     In spite of the nature of the show, The Voice is WAYYYYY better than any other singing competition I have seen. The blind audition aspect allows you to eliminate the appearance aspect of the singer actually hear the quality of their voice, something I think should be top priority in the music business. I could go on a rant about this, but I'll spare you the time and get to the point of this post.

Melanie Martinez - Team Adam

     What made me want to watch this show in the first place was actually due to a commercial (good job advertising team). If featured a cover of Toxic, stripped down and sung by a female vocalist with an enchanting folk-like voice. I searched for the episode featuring her, and Melanie Martinez quickly became one of my favorites. Her voice alone is so captivating, that if she were a Siren, I'd drown immediately. 
     Even better, her quirky look and Cruella de Ville inspired hair fit her so perfectly. I mean, how else would you picture a voice that unique? As the episodes went on, her style has stood it's ground, from Peter Pan collars to her staple over-sized bow. Hopefully the stylists on the show won't change her, because I have a feeling she may inspire a few designers.
     In all of the following outfits, I have tried to incorporate the items that Melanie is rarely without: red lipstick, tights, frilly socks, collars, and a large bow. I didn't want to flat out replicate any of her outfits, because you can easily do that yourself. That being said, some of the outfits are more "Melanie" than the others.

Outfit 1: All Dressed Up
Melanie Martinez Inspired
     For this outfit, I wanted something slightly formal, yet easy to dress down. Melanie wears a lot of vintage prints that I honestly would question if I saw them hanging on a rack. Yes, the brocade print looks like something on your Great-Aunt's window, yet the way Melanie styles her outfits transform the print into something to be envious over. The gold collar necklace is included because the dress has a high collar, of which I've never seen Melanie wear.

Outfit 2: Casual Yet Classy

Melanie Martinez Inspired

          I honestly would wear this to class, granted I am one of those people who dresses up to buy flour. So I guess this would be a nice day out for normal people. Maybe. I honestly don't know, but I certainly consider this casual. The print on the skirt was so intriguing I knew I had to use it for something. I also love the detail on the collar of the shirt. I don't think Melanie would wear cold-shoulder tops, yet this outfit channels her all the way.

Outfit 3: Quirk with Quills (I think I tried too hard with the's supposed to be "edgy" lol)
Melanie Martinez Inspired
     Get it, because porcupines have quills that are sharp, and edges are sharp...Yea it's lame, I know. Anyway, I tend to dress on the denim and leather side of the tracks, yet wanted something channeling Melanie's quirky aura. Therefore, I paired a collared, printed peplum top with faux leather leggings and studded heels, and a wire headband. I have yet to see Melanie wear pants. I've searched through Google and her pictures on her website and no pants. I guess they aren't everyone's cup of tea.

Outfit 4: Old Hollywood Glam

Melanie Martinez Inspired

     If Melanie was asked to dress for a movie premiere  I imagine it would be something like this. I wanted to stay away from the hair bow, so I incorporated the piece into her belt and necklace. The faux fur coat and 40s inspired shoes add the perfect amount of vintage glam. And a plus, if you don't like the outerwear, the outfit stands alone beautifully.

If you have any suggestions for who's style I should channel next, put it in the comments and I'll see what I can do!


Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Fashion Inspired By MTV's Daria

Ok, I know College Fashion has a section of their blog just like this, but I've wanted to do a Daria blog for a while. So I'm doing it.

Anyway, Daria is a 90s MTV spin off to the popular Beavis and Butthead, where she played the "foil" to the two boys. Even after 12 years, the fashion in Daria is pretty inspiring, save a few pieces of the 90s that there, forever.

Daria Morgendorffer


  Daria, the unenthusiastic and monotone main character of the show, had a significant style change from her origins in Bevis and Butthead. There, she had a cycle of three outfits, but alas, it seems that there is a positive correlation between the monotonicity of one's voice and the number of outfits they can be seen wearing. (haha bad joke) Anyway, Daria's signature green army jacket, brown shirt, and combat boots made a lasting impression on my mind.

Here is my interpretation of Daria's outfit. In my opinion, her style is pretty timeless, so there isn't much change from the original. I particularly like the addition of the underlined winged eyeliner, which would look good with or without glasses. It adds an extra hint of "I really don't care, leave me alone", but in a good way

Fashion Inspired by Daria - Daria

Fashion Inspired by Daria - Daria

Quinn Morgandorffer

Quinn is Daria's fashion conscious younger sister, and the baby of the household. As one of the most popular (and slightly vapid) girls in school, she is the exact opposite of her older sister. Her outfit is completely saturated with 90s trends, from the baby doll graphic tee to the light-medium washed jeans to her caramel clogs. 

I definitely had to modernize this outfit, which is fitting as trends change extensively over a decade. I decided to change her baby doll tee into a pink chiffon button down, with a smiley face necklace. Her bell bottoms are transformed into boot cuts, although the wash was preserved. Finally her clogs are now Jeffrey Campbell 99tie wedges. Much better.

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Quinn

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Quinn

Jane Lane

Jane was, and still is, my favorite character in the world. She literally inspired my current fashion choices. I would sit there (as a 7-10 year old mind you) wanting to wear red lipstick and give myself a crazy haircut. Ok tmi.

I had the most fun making this outfit. First off, the Kat von D-esque makeup screamed Jane Lane, hands down. It's glamorous with an edge, a very sharp edge. Along with those sharp edges are a spiked necklace and ear cuff, both of which are modern interpretations of her piercings and white collar on her v-neck shirt. I kept the red blazer, leather shorts, and mid calf lace up boots, because, let's face it, there is nothing better than that. Her plain v-neck shirt is now a gauzy black high low button up and patterned (somewhat risque) tights, which completes the outfit in edgy glory.

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Jane

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Jane

Trent Lane

Trent Lane, Jane's monotone brother and Daria's love interest (well, other than Tom), is the stereotypical 90s slacker. He lives with his parents, doesn't remember if he graduated high school, and is rather uncaring about, well, everything. His style is slightly similar to Jane's, but more on the grunge, IDGAF, side of things. Nonetheless, his outfit is oddly appealing.

I used a khaki green washed out shirt and grey jeggings to feminize the outfit. For his piercings, I thought of either studs, charmed hoops, or fake tapers, because if Trent were a girl I feel he'd wear something like that. The stone tooth necklace and geometric stud bracelet represent his gold medallion necklace and black sweatband. The makeup is very similar to Daria's, but more neutral with the lips and eyes. Lastly, to add a bit of edge, I completed the outfit with wedged creepers. Personally, I would wear something like this on one of my lazy days.
Fashion Inspired By Daria - Trent

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Trent

That's all I have. Hopefully this was a enjoyable for you to read as it was for me to make! I may post a few more lipstick swatches in a few weeks, but I'm quite busy since school started... Anyway feel free to comment and share!

Friday, July 6, 2012

Review: MAC So Chaud Lipstick

I heard oranges were the "it" color this summer, and with my bronzy-olive skin tone, I thought I should give it a shot. Unsure of the brightness and warmth of orange in my comfort zone palette of deep, rich fall tones, I began experimenting with the color in my wardrobe. First to don the staple color were my nails, which I thought looked stunning. Then the color migrated to my clothing, a favorite being a monotone neutral, usually some shade of grey, and high waist jeans with an orange bag and turban. Then while browsing the mall I found the ultimate statement and addition to my makeup collection, MAC's So Chaud and Morrange. I ended up purchasing So Chaud, since Morrange was a bit too far out of my comfort zone. I didn't take a picture of the swatch in the store, but will compare the two colors in my review.

As stated in the photos above, So Chaud is a matte color. I was pleasantly surprised that this color was no where near as dry as Ruby Woo, which literally feels like crayon. Anyway, this matte goes on smooth, has an opaque application, and stays on all day.

The color is bold, but not as bold as Morrange, which has a neon quality to it (I believe Morrange has an amplified finish, explaining the neon quality). So Chaud is more on the red orange side of the color spectrum, whereas Morrange is more yellow orange, so keep that in mind when deciding which will work better for you.

Here is So Chaud swatched on my hand. It looks more red than it actually is, but I promise, it's orange.

The color will stain your lips, so I suggest a thin layer of Vaseline before application of this color (or any other mattes for that matter)

Overall, I believe that orange is a much softer alternative to red lipstick. It's also a lighter, more youthful choice for adding color to an otherwise neutral face. I highly recommend So Chaud for anyone looking for a way to incorporate orange into their wardrobe or wants to try something different.

Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: MAC Siss Lipstick

I bought this lipstick in hope of finding the perfect nude. In the MAC Pro store in NYC, the color looked perfect, yet when I returned from my trip, I realized the color is way too light. I don't wear this alone. Ever. Yet it is a good base for other colors.
This color is a satin, not too shiny, not too matte. I think it looks like normal "chap stick lip shine".

Excuse the lipstick on the tube. 

So you understand how I thought this could be a good nude for me, I'm going to post hand swatches of the  lipstick with and without flash, both in sunlight.

No Flash - it looks like it blends in well
With Flash/non-natural sunlight - looks pasty and way too light

Anyway with the use of a good lip liner it will be wearable

Here's the lip swatches

Lips plain

Lips with Siss

Actually its not that bad...ok any questions or suggestions leave it in the comments. Thanks lol

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Current Fashion Obsession: Bralets

Ok, before anyone judges my style as a step below a hooker, bralet tops can be chic and classy. Yes, let me repeat myself, bralet tops can be CLASSY. And not ghetto fab baby mama classy, prep school classy. Yea all you have to do is wear it correctly.

My cardinal rule for wearing anything borderline risque is to remember to limit the amount of skin shown. For example, I wouldn't wear a sheer skirt with a semi-sheer bralet top, or a crop top without high-waist bottoms. Basically, if you're showing midriff, either cover up with high waist opaque bottoms or wear a longer top that hits your belly button and normal pants. PLEASE NOTHING LOW RISE! (excluding the beach, that's a different post). 
Anyway, I like the look of bralets. It's an interesting take on a crop top that adds instant flair to any outfit. I've recently made a polyvore account and decided it would be easier to show how I would wear this style with pictures rather than describing them.

Disclaimer: I didn't realize there were prices next to the items, so some of these outfits are rather expensive, yet I'm positive all of the items can be found at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Journeys, American Apparel, H&M,, Urban Outfitters, Target, and Thrift Stores (not affiliated with any of these stores)

Bralet outfit 1
This is more of a clubbing/party outfit more than anything else. The black lace bralet can look very "oops i forgot my shirt" without proper covering. The high waist shorts cover the bottom half of your midriff so that only the smallest part of your natural waist will show, which is both flattering and on the conservative side of this style. The blazer provides coverage and makes the outfit look more street appropriate. 

Bralet Outfit 2

Bralet Outfit 2 by musicgirl576 featuring wooden jewelry

This outfit is something I'd wear to a concert or some sort of musical gathering. The bralet features a bold pattern, which will bring your eyes upwards despite the asymmetrical hemline in the skirt. the vest with studded detail brings even more attention to the top of the outfit, which allows you to wear a semi shear skirt (note the opaque mini skirt underneath). I paired this with litas, yet upon second thought I think I would wear Jefferey Campbell 99 tie black wedges instead.
Bralet Outfit 3

Bralet Outfit 3 by musicgirl576 featuring a woven straw tote

This outfit is more prep-approved. I don't think I'd wear this personally, but I see an outfit like this on a summer stroll through a market, park, or outdoor festival. Because the shorts are so high waist, and the outfit has a beach feel to it, there is no need to cover your arms or sliver of belly. If you do wear this on the beach, it would be very easy to wear a bralet bikini top with bottoms under the pants and keep everything in the straw bag.
Bralet Outfit 4

Bralet Outfit 4 by musicgirl576 featuring chain jewelry

This is definitely something i would wear on an average summer day. The white lace bralet paired with the light to medium ombre distressed high-waist shorts and chiffon kimono are super light and perfect for humid southern afternoons. I tend to find a way to include my Keds in everything because I think they are so comfortable, and my Dooney cross body mini bag (hopefully replacing my 10 year old falling apart bag with this version) for convenience.

Hopefully this has given you some hope in the versatility of bralet tops and helped you see the non-skanky possibilities of including them in your daily wardrobe. I'll try to do a birthday haul and more lipstick reviews within the next few weeks. And possibly a day in the life blog...if i remember to photo stalk my life...which probably won't happen.

Thursday, March 1, 2012

Current Fashion Obsession - Studs

When most people think of studs, they generally picture a "punk rock" or another similar group of people. But let me tell you, studs go with all styles and are great for adding edge to an otherwise 'cotton candy' like outfit.

I love any type of metal hardware, especially studs. I tend to dress on the urban prep side of things, but there's always a hint of rebellion in my outfits. Because studs are so versatile, any outfit can be transformed by the addition of these little wonders.

I've gotten into wearing flats due to the hilly terrain of my college campus, and loafers and ballet flats are my go to shoe (minus my combat boots, but that's mainly for warmth). Adding studs to a favorite pair of flats instantly adds subtle hints of edginess to anything, and is an easy way to incorporate the trend into your existing wardrobe.

I will be the first to admit that I have a blazer obsession. It's rare I walk into a clothing store without buying at least one blazer. I love the idea of taking something usually seen as uptight and formal and bringing it down with the addition of trendy items. The studded lapel and cuffs of this blazer make it casual enough to wear daily, but still brings an outfit together in a sophisticated manner.

This was trendy when I was in elementary school in the 90s, so I guess I really am getting old. I never thought denim jackets would be fashionable again when I donated my denim jackets to goodwill 8 years ago, much less me voluntarily wearing denim jackets in a non ironic manner. But lo and behold, denim jackets have snuck into my wardrobe once again, but this time with a twist. Adding studs to the item makes it instantly go from 2nd grade playground to collegiate fashionista. 

And this is here just for fun, 

Something i have yet to obtain, high waist studded denim shorts. I think these would go perfect with my chiffon shirt obsession (which will be another blog post), or add edge to a basic tank and cardigan ensemble. 

All in all, studs are one of the best accessories to add to clothing to instantly create an updated, trendy item. They can be added to virtually anything and work on anyone. 

I plan to be going on a thrift store haul and possibly studding something, so if you want a tutorial or see how that will work, from buying studs to the finished product, comment below!

Saturday, February 4, 2012

"Nude" Heels for Every Skin Tone

I was recently looking at an article on College Candy and saw a comment that stated that nude heels were only for a certain set of skin tones and that they have yet to find a pair of brown "nude" heels. As a darker skinned individual, I beg to differ. I have about three pairs of nude heels, flats, and wedges, all that match my skin tone. You just need to know where to look. But for those who may need a bit of help, I've decided to post a few examples of what I think would be appropriate for certain skin tones.

1. Ivory

    Those with this skin tone may realize that the heels marketed "nude: may be a bit too dark for them. I suggest buying darker cream or light beige heels such as these:

2. Golden

With this skin tone, look for yellow undertones and a "light nude" color description

3. Beige

This skin tone happens to be the color "nude" refers to. Neutral, lighter skin with a hint of a tan. Basically, the nude colored shoes will work, but remember to consider your undertone if you want them to be perfect.

4. Dark Beige

This skin tone is common with Those of Hispanic, Indian, Native American or Mixed race backgrounds, not quite brown, but not beige. Look for a dark nude shoe.

5. Brown

Those of Dominican, African American, or Indian heritage may find it rather difficult to find nude heels. Try looking in the brown section for shoes to match your deeply tanned skin tone.

6. Dark Brown
This skin tone should ignore the nude description all together and look for brown shoes for the "nude" effect. Believe me, it saved you a lot of stress.

7. Rich/Deep Dark Brown

This skin tone should look for deep browns to match the richness of your skin.

I know I didn't cover all skin tones, but I attempted to get all of the major brackets. Hopefully, this will help someone in their quest for finding the perfect pair of nude heels. Feel free to comment!


I have been receiving a lot of messages and comments about finding heels at a reasonable price for darker skintones. Because of this I have made two sets for darker skintones. All of the heels are below $50US at the time of posting.