Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: MAC Siss Lipstick

I bought this lipstick in hope of finding the perfect nude. In the MAC Pro store in NYC, the color looked perfect, yet when I returned from my trip, I realized the color is way too light. I don't wear this alone. Ever. Yet it is a good base for other colors.
This color is a satin, not too shiny, not too matte. I think it looks like normal "chap stick lip shine".

Excuse the lipstick on the tube. 

So you understand how I thought this could be a good nude for me, I'm going to post hand swatches of the  lipstick with and without flash, both in sunlight.

No Flash - it looks like it blends in well
With Flash/non-natural sunlight - looks pasty and way too light

Anyway with the use of a good lip liner it will be wearable

Here's the lip swatches

Lips plain

Lips with Siss

Actually its not that bad...ok any questions or suggestions leave it in the comments. Thanks lol

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Current Fashion Obsession: Bralets

Ok, before anyone judges my style as a step below a hooker, bralet tops can be chic and classy. Yes, let me repeat myself, bralet tops can be CLASSY. And not ghetto fab baby mama classy, prep school classy. Yea all you have to do is wear it correctly.

My cardinal rule for wearing anything borderline risque is to remember to limit the amount of skin shown. For example, I wouldn't wear a sheer skirt with a semi-sheer bralet top, or a crop top without high-waist bottoms. Basically, if you're showing midriff, either cover up with high waist opaque bottoms or wear a longer top that hits your belly button and normal pants. PLEASE NOTHING LOW RISE! (excluding the beach, that's a different post). 
Anyway, I like the look of bralets. It's an interesting take on a crop top that adds instant flair to any outfit. I've recently made a polyvore account and decided it would be easier to show how I would wear this style with pictures rather than describing them.

Disclaimer: I didn't realize there were prices next to the items, so some of these outfits are rather expensive, yet I'm positive all of the items can be found at Forever 21, Charlotte Russe, Journeys, American Apparel, H&M,, Urban Outfitters, Target, and Thrift Stores (not affiliated with any of these stores)

Bralet outfit 1
This is more of a clubbing/party outfit more than anything else. The black lace bralet can look very "oops i forgot my shirt" without proper covering. The high waist shorts cover the bottom half of your midriff so that only the smallest part of your natural waist will show, which is both flattering and on the conservative side of this style. The blazer provides coverage and makes the outfit look more street appropriate. 

Bralet Outfit 2

Bralet Outfit 2 by musicgirl576 featuring wooden jewelry

This outfit is something I'd wear to a concert or some sort of musical gathering. The bralet features a bold pattern, which will bring your eyes upwards despite the asymmetrical hemline in the skirt. the vest with studded detail brings even more attention to the top of the outfit, which allows you to wear a semi shear skirt (note the opaque mini skirt underneath). I paired this with litas, yet upon second thought I think I would wear Jefferey Campbell 99 tie black wedges instead.
Bralet Outfit 3

Bralet Outfit 3 by musicgirl576 featuring a woven straw tote

This outfit is more prep-approved. I don't think I'd wear this personally, but I see an outfit like this on a summer stroll through a market, park, or outdoor festival. Because the shorts are so high waist, and the outfit has a beach feel to it, there is no need to cover your arms or sliver of belly. If you do wear this on the beach, it would be very easy to wear a bralet bikini top with bottoms under the pants and keep everything in the straw bag.
Bralet Outfit 4

Bralet Outfit 4 by musicgirl576 featuring chain jewelry

This is definitely something i would wear on an average summer day. The white lace bralet paired with the light to medium ombre distressed high-waist shorts and chiffon kimono are super light and perfect for humid southern afternoons. I tend to find a way to include my Keds in everything because I think they are so comfortable, and my Dooney cross body mini bag (hopefully replacing my 10 year old falling apart bag with this version) for convenience.

Hopefully this has given you some hope in the versatility of bralet tops and helped you see the non-skanky possibilities of including them in your daily wardrobe. I'll try to do a birthday haul and more lipstick reviews within the next few weeks. And possibly a day in the life blog...if i remember to photo stalk my life...which probably won't happen.