Monday, December 23, 2013

Holiday Inspiration: Outfits for Christmas

Although Christmas is only a day away, I've just gotten the feel of the holidays this morning. Since going to college and not being able to do traditional holiday things with the family, I have gotten the Christmas spirit way later than should be acceptable. Instead of watching movies and listening to carols on the radio, I'm in my dorm studying for finals and writing papers, only to get back just in time to get a tree and decorate the house for the holiday.

Ok enough complaining. During the holidays it's like a good three days of party hopping with family. Because of this, I tend to pre-plan my outfits so that I have an easier time getting up and going (which is especially important for post all night party breakfast at 9am on day three). Anyway, I created a few outfits to help with holiday celebrations to take some stress out of the extended family gathering.

"Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer"


My Christmas always begins with opening presents with my immediate family and brunch at my uncle's house. Because of the chill nature of the the beginning of the festivities, I generally like to dress comfortably. This denim shirt with leggings combo will keep you warm and comfortable without the discomfort of overeating mixed with well fir jeans (#firstworldproblems). Added plus, the leggings feature a cute reindeer motif!

"Baby, It's Cold Outside"

Holiday Clothing
The second day of celebrations includes a family party at my parent's house. I generally go for something comfortable, yet still somewhat put together looking. Because of this, I paired a sweater and jeans with timeless booties and a braid to convey that "I care, but not too much" look.

"Deck the Halls"

For some reason, my mother always uses red and green plaid as her print of choice for Christmas. Although 13 years of private school has made me highly biased against wearing plaid (especially plaid skirts), yet it is what I'm subconsciously drawn to during the holidays. The two outfits are basically the same, yet the right is more "grungy" than the left. Both outfits would be appropriate for both a family get-together or fun with friends.

"I'm Dreaming of a White Christmas"

Holiday FOrmal

I laugh when people say, "You can't wear white after Labor Day". Honestly, I think white looks the best in winter. I always found it stunning, regal almost, to see a white outfit in the snow. Because of this, I like to wear white for formal events, especially during the Christmas season. The dress is a crisp white that will go with any style genre, with the red accents from the shoes and lips adding a festive tone. The fur gilet makes the dress season appropriate and adds warmth.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas. Happy Holidays everyone!!!

Thursday, December 5, 2013

All That Glitters: Outfits for Formal Holiday Events

Ok, so I haven't been keeping up with my blog as planned. With classes, labs, exams, and papers, I haven't had the time to even think about clothing. Seriously though, I've work leggings and a button down about 60% of the time within the past two months.

Anyway, with it being holiday season, and my love of all things formal and flashy, I wanted to do a post on holiday dresses. I chose to stick to glittery dresses and jewel tones because they look great on anyone with minimal effort, something I would look for in an outfit. Unfortunately, science has turned me into a hermit, and I have no reason what so ever to wear a formal dress

And yes, there are 8 dresses in my closet and 4 pairs of heels.I just like looking at the clothes and pretending I live a supermegaawesome life. Don't judge me.

Now that I think about it, that's pretty lame. You have full right to judge me...

Low Key Get Together

Winter Party

This is dressy, without being too dressy. It could easily go from glass in the morning to a date to a party all with a change of shoes and addition of a sweater or cardigan. I'm really into deep, vampy colors this season and love the way burgundy looks on untanned skin, so I made it the main color in this look. Because the focus on the clothing will be on the skirt (which will also bring attention to how awesome and long your legs will look in the tights and heels), I paired this with a berry lip and nails so that the eyes of the people admiring how amazing you look won't stop moving. 

Classy Winter Event

Winter Formal

I envision this outfit at a formal or something a bit classier than your general college holiday party. The colors keep with the holiday theme without being overbearing. I like peplum in this scenario because everyone looks amazing in peplums and if there is food involved, you don't have to worry about looking less than your best later in the night. 

December Night Out

Winter formal
I see this outfit working best in a city area with a more formal nightlife scene, or on a fourth or fifth date, whatever applies to you. The dress by itself is a bit boring, but I think will accentuate your best features. I included the glittery heels to add excitement into the outfit, which is carried into the eye makeup. I'd keep the rest of your face simple and use the lip stain to mimic a winter flush on your lips and cheeks.

"The Beyoncé"

Winter formal

The following dresses will be glittery, with Beyoncé themed titles, which is fine by my standards, but may not be something you favor. Gold, for me, is the ultimate holiday color. It brings together the warmth and festive feel of the season perfectly. This dress is pretty flashy, so I would keep the makeup focused on one thing with no additional glitter or sparkles. The red lip brings additional warmth to the outfit and side bun makes it more relaxed. If you have a cool undertone and look horrible in gold, try something closer to a rose color with deeper reds.

"Freakum Dress"
Winter formal

Yep, this is a freakum dress. Why? You'll turn heads like no one's business in this. The sparkle of the dress isn't so much that it's overwhelming, yet definitely won't allow you to have a low key evening. Pulled back hair and minimal nighttime makeup will keep the focus on the dress and your eyes, which is ideal for a dress like this. 

"Ring the Alarm"

Winter Formal

This dress, much like the previous dress, is a head turner. Depending on how bond you want to go, you can play up your eye makeup. Because the dress is black, you can add some color in your eyeliner, or keep a semi neutral eye and bold lip. If you want the most versatility and still turn heads, this dress is for you.

Hopefully I've given you some ideas for an upcoming event or party this holiday season. If you have any questions or comments, the box is below!

I guess I'll finish writing papers and studying for finals... Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

Note: For those wondering, I plan on blogging how I made my Dorothy Halloween costume/how to make a circle skirt and A line skirt after finals!

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outfits Inspired by Rihanna

Rihanna's style has always been something I've envied. Beginning from her "S.O.S." green dress (which I almost bought for my junior year high school prom), her style had an edgy femininity that I yearned to replicate in my own wardrobe. Therefore, I found it fitting to replicate Rihanna's amazing sense of style.

  1. Effortlessly Chic

Rihanna has this way of mixing basic, everyday clothing with urban trends, then slashing them with a diamond edged sword to make her mark. This outfit is no exception. Although simple, it screams something Rihanna would wear. I replicated it yet with the idea that it would be worn on a night out. The striped crop top with the fitted blue jeans and top knot looks effortlessly put together. To make it more of a nighttime outfit, I added the spike stud earrings, belt, and chain necklace to give it more of a city feel. Strappy sandals and metallic accents are in the forefront of fashion, and have since been a staple in Rihanna's clothing choices, so there was no way I could leave this accessory out of the picture. If you want more of a dressed up feel, add winged eyeliner and rep lips and you're ready to go!

Inspired by Rihanna

2. Bad Girl Chic

Although I wouldn't consider my style as daring, this is one of my favorite outfits from Rihanna. I feel as if it is the fashion embodiment of her bad girl image she's been advocating for the past couple of years. The hard elements mixed with the I.D.G.A.F. undertone scream "Good Girl Gone Bad". Because I'm much more conservative in dress, at least compared to Riri, I decided upon a lettered tank with liquid/faux leather leggings. The black with gold chain bag and shoes add edge and an urban vibe, which is also reflected in the chain necklace. I topped it all off with a camo utility jacket, which is both trendy and blends with Rihanna is wearing in this photo.

Inspired by Rihanna

3. Denim Diva

Whoever said denim on denim is a crime hadn't thought of all the possibilities. Rihanna did the "faux paux" justice by mixing and matching washes. With the matching shade on top and different yet cohesive shade of pants, the outfit looks more like a purposeful ensemble rather than a mistake of someone just finding their style. In my rendition, I took a safer route by including a bustier with a contrasting print down the middle, so depending on how the jacket is worn, no one needs to know just how much denim is actually in your outfit. Like Rihanna, I paired the ensemble with blue court shoes, and added an orange lip to pull together the blue and the orange in the outfit.

Inspired by Rihanna

4. "Na,na,na,na. So Hard"

Even Riri has her down days. She looks effortlessly chill in this ensemble borrowed from the boys. The basic graphic hoodie and loose fit jeans can be easily dressed up with a simple gold necklace, stud earrings, and a statement hat. If you want more of a feminine flair, red lips and a cat-eye will give you the girly look you want without softening up the edginess of the outfit.

Rihanna Inspired

I hope this has inspired you to channel your inner Riri and go for the edgy side of your wardrobe. Feel free to comment below!

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Technicolor Tessellations: Stars and Stripes

It's finally summertime, and the living is indeed easy. As the neighborhood transforms into a midday symphony, complete with buzzing lawnmowers and jingling ice cream trucks, the urge to go outside is excruciating. Despite the oppressive humidity, flash thunderstorms, and bloodthirsty mosquitoes that can ruin the mood at any moment, it's the perfect time to grab a book and cold glass of ice tea for a nice afternoon relaxing in a hammock.

Aside from the relaxing summer afternoons, summer has one of the best holidays; Independence Day. It stands as the bittersweet mid-mark of the season, and everything post Fourth of July seams to whiz by faster than my mind can process. Back to school commercials infiltrate the once carefree summer advertisements and pre-semester planning is a must if you want everything to be perfect for the beginning of the year. On a more positive note, it's a day of fun and food with my extended family, a time I've learned to cherish.

Barbecue Chic

Every year for Independence day, my family gets together and spends the day at my aunts house. Of course, as most southern families have been raised to expect, a summertime family gathering means there will be a cookout of some sort. I wait all day for the grilled corn, potato salad, burgers, and greens that are the staples of our celebratory feast. Because cookouts are usually outside, I chose a cropped tee and high waist shorts to keep you cool and trendy, yet only showing the acceptable amounts of skin for a family get together. Although the shirt is cropped, the shorts will cover enough so that only a few inches of upper belly will be showing. To accompany the Americana theme, I added a flag pin and eagle earrings, which pair nicely with the flag print shorts. You may be thinking, "Who would wear a white shirt to a barbecue?", a completely logical question if you haven't experienced noontime under the humid, hundred degree sun. Believe me, wearing any color other than white is asking for excessive heat retention.


Lake-side family dinner

My aunt lives on a lake, so after a day of fun, we always have dinner overlooking the water. The outfit feels breezy yet isn't too casual for a nice family dinner. I added the red, white, and blue under the main outfit in order to keep a simplistic look in the forefront. Show off the flag bikini when you jump in the lake for a post dinner cool-down.


Fireworks at the Beach

I'm basically walking you through my family's Independence day traditions, because after we have dinner we go down to the main beach and watch the fireworks. It's always amazing how beautiful the show looks reflecting on the dark waters of the lake. In order to stand out from the dark background of nighttime, the white dress keeps you looking bright and feeling cool in the warm breeze. The denim vest adds edge to the outfit and shoes keep with the America theme.


Party in the USA

You can't have a blog post without a party outfit. I went all out with this. There will be no doubt about your patriotism with these bold flag print leggings and muscle tee. Keeping your hair carefree gives the outfit a cleaned up Ke$ha feel, and the jacket and creepers add edge and comfort, which is a must for a night of dancing.


Subtle for the City

I pictured the final outfit for a casual lunch in the city. Because most restaurants have patios open around this time of year and the laid back trendy nature of the city, I wanted something simple, yet still patriotic but not overtly so. The white unitard looks effortless and crisp, and can be swapped out for a tank, crop top, or even a white one piece swimsuit. The jeans add a more streamlined touch to the outfit than what would be achieved by a skirt or shorts, and red strappy sandals not only complete the red, white, and blue color scheme, but also incorporate one of the "it items" of this summer, a must if you're putting yourself on display outdoors in a fashionable area.


If you are interested in more details for each outfit, click on the picture and it links you to my Polyvore, which shows brand, price, etc., of each of the pieces mentioned. 

Happy Fourth of July!

Friday, April 19, 2013

Review: MAC Girl About Town Lipstick

I'm procrastinating, so I thought I'd do another blog post.

 MAC Girl About Town is a bright blue fuchsia, as described by the MAC website. Personally, I think it's a basic bright pink that works well with warm and dark skin tones. It has an amplified finish so the brightness is no joke.


Swatch on my hand with flash. Right now, I'm about a dark NC45, light NC50.

Flash, no lipstick for reference

Flash with Girl About Town, no lip liner

No flash, lipstick only, in front of a sunny window

I never realize how full my lips are until I do posts like these haha...casual. 
Anyway, I hope this helps someone, kbye!

Thursday, April 18, 2013

Technicolor Tessellations: Purple, Orange, and Stripes

With flowers filling the once bare branches and pollen circling the air like a pack of hungry wolves (what?), you know it's time to put away the heavy sweaters and boots and break out your sundresses and flip flops. Or if you're me, keep the boots and heavy sweaters like a crazy person and skip wearing tights. Because wearing a thick wool sweater in the oppressive humidity of the South is the smartest way to prevent overheating in the summer. Casual.

That was supposed to be a joke, but it wasn't funny. Awkward fail.

But anyway, yea I know what you're thinking, "Who would ever pair orange and purple together"? I thought the same thing, but these two split complementary colors are oddly appealing. Great for the transitional Spring-Summer and Summer-Fall months, purple and orange has the ability to transcend the lines between girly and edgy. The stripes help keep the focus away from the odd mix of colors and blend the hues in an eye-catching yet playful manner. So here are a few outfits I put together inspired by the odd mix of color and prints.

Summertime Drive


Please ignore the titles of the outfits. It's the end of the semester and my creativity is basically nonexistent. Anyway, I thought this outfit would be cute on a trip down to the beach. The only thing this breezy top and Lennon-esque sun glasses  are missing is the sweet smell of sunscreen.

Chilly Spring Night


Although it's pretty warm outside, the nights are can be a bit chilly. During the daytime, you can switch out the sweatshirt with a loose fitting tank top and throw on the sweater after the sun goes down.

Breezy Weekend


This has to be my favorite outfit of the collection. The high waist of the lilac pants allows modesty despite the midriff baring top, and the bright shoes and matching bag bring life into the outfit.

Cute and Clean


Not gonna lie, this outfit is on the preppy side for me, but cute nonetheless. I love how the stripes in the unitard continue down into the tights, which brings the top and bottom halves of the outfit together.

Night Beneath the Stars


It's kind of cliche to have a striped dress and heels, but it didn't feel right making a collection including stripes without it. In order to keep the insane amount of pattern from clashing too much with the purple and orange, I decided to keep the colors at opposing ends. The orange lipstick adds just enough contrast to the deep purple shoes, both of which are just enough to balance with the dress.

Feel free to comment with any questions or suggestions!!!

Friday, February 8, 2013

Technicolor Tessellations: Oxblood and Leopard

     Fun fact of the day: this is neither technicolor nor a tessellation. yet I needed an interesting way to say "fashion inspired by colors and prints I currently like". The title just so happened to be the first thing to come into my head. Now onto the post.

     This winter I realized a few things about my developing sense of style. One, I hate the feeling of jeans, especially when it's raining or humid. Two, if I could, I would wear leggings everyday (and yes they are pants if they're opaque, cover as much as my jeans, and as thick as my other cotton pants).  And three, I have an unhealthy obsession with animal print, especially leopard. Luckily  Burberry has brought back the leopard trend for their Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Honestly, I wouldn't care, but it's nice to think I'm on top of things in the fashion world, even if I'm not.

       Mixing my love of the print with the burgundy/oxblood trend, I've found a few practical ways to wear leopard in your daily life. I've tried to cover the four basic style situations, classy, party, nice casual, and comfortable. Keep in mind my ideas of what's appropriate and what isn't may be a bit off (I blame the thirteen years of compulsory plaid skirts and button-downs).

Classy Presentation Attire

Oxblood and Leopard

If I needed an outfit to show I an an educated, 20 year old, college student with a goal, I'd wear something like this. It's trendy with the peplum top and skinny cut cotton pants, yet reserved in the color, coat, and shoe choice. I'd suggest a bag this large if you're giving a presentation so that it fits your laptop/tablet and handouts for your audience. Deep red lips and slightly winged eyeliner show your youth, but with a post-war era twist. The leopard is kept to a minimum, and can be easily removed if you find it too distracting. Also, the hidden leopard in the bag is a cute touch.

Weekend Warrior

Oxblood and Leopard

Call me crazy, but I'd consider wearing this to class. Throw long cardigan over it and all is good. Anyway, I made the leopard shorts the main focus in this outfit, which may be the deciding factor in the appropriateness of this outfit for class. Nonetheless, paring the shorts with black tights and wrap-around coat will keep your legs warm in these cold winter months, yet allow proper airflow if you're in a crowded party. The top is simple yet interesting, and paired with the burgundy wedge creepers and knit hat, it relieved some of the attention away from the pants. I attempt to make outfits flow like a well composed piece of visual art - always keep the viewer's eye moving, and with this combination, that goal is achieved.

Casual Winter Rainy Day
Rainy Day 1
It rains. A lot. Actually, it's raining right now. It was also raining when I made these outfits. It rains so much that I keep an umbrella in my bag just in case it surprise rains in the middle of the day. So I thought this post wouldn't be complete without at least one outfit dedicated to rainy days. As stated above, I hate wearing jeans when it's raining. The feeling of wet denim is such a turnoff that every time it rains I wear leggings or a skirt. The tights and skirt combination will keep the disgusting wet feeling away, while the boots will keep you warm and dry. I suggest a faux leather jacket because the polymer base keeps water away quite well. And the umbrella was too cute not to include.

Warm and Comfortable

oxblood & leopard
You may be thinking, "How can this be comfortable when there are four inch heeled booties in the outfit?". Well, I liked the shoes too much to change it to leopard print ballet flats, so I kept the heels. My go-to outfits lately have been knit leggings and an over-sized sweater. Honestly, I think that combination is a bit boring and played out, so I added a faux fur gilet and scalloped gold collar to add interest to the outfit. I envision this outfit being something you can throw together quickly, yet still look like you actually thought about it. But not too much.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas or inspired you to add leopard into your wardrobe. I'll try for another post before spring break.