Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Review: MAC Rebel Lipstick

I've recently gotten into lipsticks, mainly MAC lipsticks. They seem to have the best staying power and color payoff, and aren't very expensive. 

I currently have 3 MAC colors, Siss, Ruby Woo, and Rebel, which is the focus of this review.

Rebel is a purple-wine-berry color that is vampier than your typical red, more "acceptable" than a bright pink or violet, yet light enough to get away with in the daytime.It lasts a very long time, and even when it does fade away your lips are stained with the color.

Here's Rebel swatched on my hand. It's the middle of winter, so I've lightened up to NC44-45ish.

Here are my lips bare. I only have on EOS so the color doesn't stain as much.

And with Rebel. No lip liner, pretty opaque.

The color in the tube looks a tad darker then it really is. I would recommend this to anyone who wants a berry tones lipstick. If you are olive toned and don't believe me, check out NiaSays' video HERE in which she wears the lipstick(the last look), and if you are porcelain toned, there are a lot of bloggers who have reviewed this. I have found some but I don't want to link a picture from another person's blog. I thought FashionRocksmySocks from YouTube had it but she doesn't... but seriously, google it lol (sorry)

Feel free to comment with any questions!

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

OOTD: Lazy Day

I have three hours until my next class, so I decided to do a mini post. Ignore the horrid photography, i had to figure out how to do this in my dorm before my roommate comes back and finds me awkwardly taking pictures of myself...

Anyway, It's supposed to be relatively warm today, and I didn't want to wear jeans, so I decided upon a maxi skirt and plain, grey jersey t-shirt.

The cardigan, skirt, and shirt are fro Forever 21, the scarf is New York and Co., and my shoes are really old and have no brand so...

Here's a closeup of my skirt and boots,

The skirt is slightly too long (mainly because I'm almost 5'2), and is high waisted with elastic in the back, so i wear it a few inches above my waist to make it fit properly. My campus is pretty hilly, so these boots are my  everyday shoe for the colder months

And....drum roll...I learned how to fishtail braid! haha

Well, you can't really tell here but i promise you it's a fishtail braid. And if you're wondering my hair is currently in Senegalese twists. There are about 150 total. Yea, it took two days to do...

Ok I should study or sleep. My next post will be a Mac lipstick review of either Siss or Rebel.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

Current Fashion Obsession - Embellished Collars

Coming from 13 years of Catholic schooling, I never wanted to see three things ever again. The first are plaid skirts and dresses, simply because they remind me of school. Second are black buckle shoes. My elementary school required them and I always hated the look of flat, slightly platformed maryjanes. Lastly, are button down shirts, especially if that shirt comes in white. But there has been a change in mind as my style develops and grows without the conservative dress code. Although I don't favor plaid bottoms or maryjanes (excluding Jeffrey Campbell Night-walk maryjanes), I have kindled a love for button down, collared shirts. I never realized the variety of the clothing item. From sheer chiffon to thick cotton, button downs are slowly becoming a staple in my wardrobe. 

You may be wondering what this has to do with anything. Well, I tend to find joy in the uniqueness of a clothing item, so when I saw embellished collars for the first time, I knew it would add edge and flair to the otherwise overly preppy clothing item. 

Take a look at these amazing collars,

Simple yet head turning. If I were do do this on one of my own pieces, the shirt would be a solid, slightly sheer color and the glitter a matching color of the shirt. The result would be monochromatic with a hint of excitement.

This looks so elegant, yet so daring. I don't think I could pull this off, at least not yet, but if it is a great way to accessorize a plain black dress, sleeveless top, or corset top with a pair of dark fitted jeans.

These two collars have that eclectic, "i found it in my kitchens drawer and put it on my shirt" type of look that I love. The top collar is obviously more dressy than the bottom, but it goes to show you the versatility this trend can have. I would wear the top collar on a black button down with high-waist pleated trouser pants, and the bottom on a plain shirt with an oversize neutral sweater or sweatshirt and understated leggings or tights.

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Thursday, January 19, 2012

Girls Can be Nerds Too

During my last days of break by friend and I decided to make cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes, but nerd cupcakes, which consisted of blue Navis (from the Zelda games), poke balls, and a Mario star cake. There was a Kirby cake pop, but it tasted bad and was thrown away before pictures were taken.

Here's a picture of Navi

The cake part of the cupcakes were funfetti and the wings were made of gumpaste. We used pearl shimer to give the wings that fairy glow Navi has. Also the icing is pale blue with jewel tone blue sprinkles.

One down, 23 more to go

 And we're done!

Time for the Mario star cake. Here's a picture of a Mario star and the finished cake.

Pretty perfect right?

Finally, the poke ball cupcakes. Ignore the terrible icing, I iced these lol