Saturday, May 26, 2012

Review: MAC Siss Lipstick

I bought this lipstick in hope of finding the perfect nude. In the MAC Pro store in NYC, the color looked perfect, yet when I returned from my trip, I realized the color is way too light. I don't wear this alone. Ever. Yet it is a good base for other colors.
This color is a satin, not too shiny, not too matte. I think it looks like normal "chap stick lip shine".

Excuse the lipstick on the tube. 

So you understand how I thought this could be a good nude for me, I'm going to post hand swatches of the  lipstick with and without flash, both in sunlight.

No Flash - it looks like it blends in well
With Flash/non-natural sunlight - looks pasty and way too light

Anyway with the use of a good lip liner it will be wearable

Here's the lip swatches

Lips plain

Lips with Siss

Actually its not that bad...ok any questions or suggestions leave it in the comments. Thanks lol

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