Friday, February 8, 2013

Technicolor Tessellations: Oxblood and Leopard

     Fun fact of the day: this is neither technicolor nor a tessellation. yet I needed an interesting way to say "fashion inspired by colors and prints I currently like". The title just so happened to be the first thing to come into my head. Now onto the post.

     This winter I realized a few things about my developing sense of style. One, I hate the feeling of jeans, especially when it's raining or humid. Two, if I could, I would wear leggings everyday (and yes they are pants if they're opaque, cover as much as my jeans, and as thick as my other cotton pants).  And three, I have an unhealthy obsession with animal print, especially leopard. Luckily  Burberry has brought back the leopard trend for their Fall/Winter 2013 collection. Honestly, I wouldn't care, but it's nice to think I'm on top of things in the fashion world, even if I'm not.

       Mixing my love of the print with the burgundy/oxblood trend, I've found a few practical ways to wear leopard in your daily life. I've tried to cover the four basic style situations, classy, party, nice casual, and comfortable. Keep in mind my ideas of what's appropriate and what isn't may be a bit off (I blame the thirteen years of compulsory plaid skirts and button-downs).

Classy Presentation Attire

Oxblood and Leopard

If I needed an outfit to show I an an educated, 20 year old, college student with a goal, I'd wear something like this. It's trendy with the peplum top and skinny cut cotton pants, yet reserved in the color, coat, and shoe choice. I'd suggest a bag this large if you're giving a presentation so that it fits your laptop/tablet and handouts for your audience. Deep red lips and slightly winged eyeliner show your youth, but with a post-war era twist. The leopard is kept to a minimum, and can be easily removed if you find it too distracting. Also, the hidden leopard in the bag is a cute touch.

Weekend Warrior

Oxblood and Leopard

Call me crazy, but I'd consider wearing this to class. Throw long cardigan over it and all is good. Anyway, I made the leopard shorts the main focus in this outfit, which may be the deciding factor in the appropriateness of this outfit for class. Nonetheless, paring the shorts with black tights and wrap-around coat will keep your legs warm in these cold winter months, yet allow proper airflow if you're in a crowded party. The top is simple yet interesting, and paired with the burgundy wedge creepers and knit hat, it relieved some of the attention away from the pants. I attempt to make outfits flow like a well composed piece of visual art - always keep the viewer's eye moving, and with this combination, that goal is achieved.

Casual Winter Rainy Day
Rainy Day 1
It rains. A lot. Actually, it's raining right now. It was also raining when I made these outfits. It rains so much that I keep an umbrella in my bag just in case it surprise rains in the middle of the day. So I thought this post wouldn't be complete without at least one outfit dedicated to rainy days. As stated above, I hate wearing jeans when it's raining. The feeling of wet denim is such a turnoff that every time it rains I wear leggings or a skirt. The tights and skirt combination will keep the disgusting wet feeling away, while the boots will keep you warm and dry. I suggest a faux leather jacket because the polymer base keeps water away quite well. And the umbrella was too cute not to include.

Warm and Comfortable

oxblood & leopard
You may be thinking, "How can this be comfortable when there are four inch heeled booties in the outfit?". Well, I liked the shoes too much to change it to leopard print ballet flats, so I kept the heels. My go-to outfits lately have been knit leggings and an over-sized sweater. Honestly, I think that combination is a bit boring and played out, so I added a faux fur gilet and scalloped gold collar to add interest to the outfit. I envision this outfit being something you can throw together quickly, yet still look like you actually thought about it. But not too much.

Hopefully this has given you some ideas or inspired you to add leopard into your wardrobe. I'll try for another post before spring break.

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