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Outfits Inspired by The Voice: Melanie Martinez

     In midst of my procrastination, I have started watching The Voice, a singing competition in which contestants go through a blind audition in hopes of an established artist to want them for their team. Honestly, I thought it would be another version of American Idol, which I only watch for the auditions and I'm done. But, boy, I was presently surprised.
     In spite of the nature of the show, The Voice is WAYYYYY better than any other singing competition I have seen. The blind audition aspect allows you to eliminate the appearance aspect of the singer actually hear the quality of their voice, something I think should be top priority in the music business. I could go on a rant about this, but I'll spare you the time and get to the point of this post.

Melanie Martinez - Team Adam

     What made me want to watch this show in the first place was actually due to a commercial (good job advertising team). If featured a cover of Toxic, stripped down and sung by a female vocalist with an enchanting folk-like voice. I searched for the episode featuring her, and Melanie Martinez quickly became one of my favorites. Her voice alone is so captivating, that if she were a Siren, I'd drown immediately. 
     Even better, her quirky look and Cruella de Ville inspired hair fit her so perfectly. I mean, how else would you picture a voice that unique? As the episodes went on, her style has stood it's ground, from Peter Pan collars to her staple over-sized bow. Hopefully the stylists on the show won't change her, because I have a feeling she may inspire a few designers.
     In all of the following outfits, I have tried to incorporate the items that Melanie is rarely without: red lipstick, tights, frilly socks, collars, and a large bow. I didn't want to flat out replicate any of her outfits, because you can easily do that yourself. That being said, some of the outfits are more "Melanie" than the others.

Outfit 1: All Dressed Up
Melanie Martinez Inspired
     For this outfit, I wanted something slightly formal, yet easy to dress down. Melanie wears a lot of vintage prints that I honestly would question if I saw them hanging on a rack. Yes, the brocade print looks like something on your Great-Aunt's window, yet the way Melanie styles her outfits transform the print into something to be envious over. The gold collar necklace is included because the dress has a high collar, of which I've never seen Melanie wear.

Outfit 2: Casual Yet Classy

Melanie Martinez Inspired

          I honestly would wear this to class, granted I am one of those people who dresses up to buy flour. So I guess this would be a nice day out for normal people. Maybe. I honestly don't know, but I certainly consider this casual. The print on the skirt was so intriguing I knew I had to use it for something. I also love the detail on the collar of the shirt. I don't think Melanie would wear cold-shoulder tops, yet this outfit channels her all the way.

Outfit 3: Quirk with Quills (I think I tried too hard with the's supposed to be "edgy" lol)
Melanie Martinez Inspired
     Get it, because porcupines have quills that are sharp, and edges are sharp...Yea it's lame, I know. Anyway, I tend to dress on the denim and leather side of the tracks, yet wanted something channeling Melanie's quirky aura. Therefore, I paired a collared, printed peplum top with faux leather leggings and studded heels, and a wire headband. I have yet to see Melanie wear pants. I've searched through Google and her pictures on her website and no pants. I guess they aren't everyone's cup of tea.

Outfit 4: Old Hollywood Glam

Melanie Martinez Inspired

     If Melanie was asked to dress for a movie premiere  I imagine it would be something like this. I wanted to stay away from the hair bow, so I incorporated the piece into her belt and necklace. The faux fur coat and 40s inspired shoes add the perfect amount of vintage glam. And a plus, if you don't like the outerwear, the outfit stands alone beautifully.

If you have any suggestions for who's style I should channel next, put it in the comments and I'll see what I can do!


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