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Fashion Inspired By MTV's Daria

Ok, I know College Fashion has a section of their blog just like this, but I've wanted to do a Daria blog for a while. So I'm doing it.

Anyway, Daria is a 90s MTV spin off to the popular Beavis and Butthead, where she played the "foil" to the two boys. Even after 12 years, the fashion in Daria is pretty inspiring, save a few pieces of the 90s that there, forever.

Daria Morgendorffer


  Daria, the unenthusiastic and monotone main character of the show, had a significant style change from her origins in Bevis and Butthead. There, she had a cycle of three outfits, but alas, it seems that there is a positive correlation between the monotonicity of one's voice and the number of outfits they can be seen wearing. (haha bad joke) Anyway, Daria's signature green army jacket, brown shirt, and combat boots made a lasting impression on my mind.

Here is my interpretation of Daria's outfit. In my opinion, her style is pretty timeless, so there isn't much change from the original. I particularly like the addition of the underlined winged eyeliner, which would look good with or without glasses. It adds an extra hint of "I really don't care, leave me alone", but in a good way

Fashion Inspired by Daria - Daria

Fashion Inspired by Daria - Daria

Quinn Morgandorffer

Quinn is Daria's fashion conscious younger sister, and the baby of the household. As one of the most popular (and slightly vapid) girls in school, she is the exact opposite of her older sister. Her outfit is completely saturated with 90s trends, from the baby doll graphic tee to the light-medium washed jeans to her caramel clogs. 

I definitely had to modernize this outfit, which is fitting as trends change extensively over a decade. I decided to change her baby doll tee into a pink chiffon button down, with a smiley face necklace. Her bell bottoms are transformed into boot cuts, although the wash was preserved. Finally her clogs are now Jeffrey Campbell 99tie wedges. Much better.

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Quinn

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Quinn

Jane Lane

Jane was, and still is, my favorite character in the world. She literally inspired my current fashion choices. I would sit there (as a 7-10 year old mind you) wanting to wear red lipstick and give myself a crazy haircut. Ok tmi.

I had the most fun making this outfit. First off, the Kat von D-esque makeup screamed Jane Lane, hands down. It's glamorous with an edge, a very sharp edge. Along with those sharp edges are a spiked necklace and ear cuff, both of which are modern interpretations of her piercings and white collar on her v-neck shirt. I kept the red blazer, leather shorts, and mid calf lace up boots, because, let's face it, there is nothing better than that. Her plain v-neck shirt is now a gauzy black high low button up and patterned (somewhat risque) tights, which completes the outfit in edgy glory.

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Jane

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Jane

Trent Lane

Trent Lane, Jane's monotone brother and Daria's love interest (well, other than Tom), is the stereotypical 90s slacker. He lives with his parents, doesn't remember if he graduated high school, and is rather uncaring about, well, everything. His style is slightly similar to Jane's, but more on the grunge, IDGAF, side of things. Nonetheless, his outfit is oddly appealing.

I used a khaki green washed out shirt and grey jeggings to feminize the outfit. For his piercings, I thought of either studs, charmed hoops, or fake tapers, because if Trent were a girl I feel he'd wear something like that. The stone tooth necklace and geometric stud bracelet represent his gold medallion necklace and black sweatband. The makeup is very similar to Daria's, but more neutral with the lips and eyes. Lastly, to add a bit of edge, I completed the outfit with wedged creepers. Personally, I would wear something like this on one of my lazy days.
Fashion Inspired By Daria - Trent

Fashion Inspired By Daria - Trent

That's all I have. Hopefully this was a enjoyable for you to read as it was for me to make! I may post a few more lipstick swatches in a few weeks, but I'm quite busy since school started... Anyway feel free to comment and share!

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