Saturday, September 7, 2013

Outfits Inspired by Rihanna

Rihanna's style has always been something I've envied. Beginning from her "S.O.S." green dress (which I almost bought for my junior year high school prom), her style had an edgy femininity that I yearned to replicate in my own wardrobe. Therefore, I found it fitting to replicate Rihanna's amazing sense of style.

  1. Effortlessly Chic

Rihanna has this way of mixing basic, everyday clothing with urban trends, then slashing them with a diamond edged sword to make her mark. This outfit is no exception. Although simple, it screams something Rihanna would wear. I replicated it yet with the idea that it would be worn on a night out. The striped crop top with the fitted blue jeans and top knot looks effortlessly put together. To make it more of a nighttime outfit, I added the spike stud earrings, belt, and chain necklace to give it more of a city feel. Strappy sandals and metallic accents are in the forefront of fashion, and have since been a staple in Rihanna's clothing choices, so there was no way I could leave this accessory out of the picture. If you want more of a dressed up feel, add winged eyeliner and rep lips and you're ready to go!

Inspired by Rihanna

2. Bad Girl Chic

Although I wouldn't consider my style as daring, this is one of my favorite outfits from Rihanna. I feel as if it is the fashion embodiment of her bad girl image she's been advocating for the past couple of years. The hard elements mixed with the I.D.G.A.F. undertone scream "Good Girl Gone Bad". Because I'm much more conservative in dress, at least compared to Riri, I decided upon a lettered tank with liquid/faux leather leggings. The black with gold chain bag and shoes add edge and an urban vibe, which is also reflected in the chain necklace. I topped it all off with a camo utility jacket, which is both trendy and blends with Rihanna is wearing in this photo.

Inspired by Rihanna

3. Denim Diva

Whoever said denim on denim is a crime hadn't thought of all the possibilities. Rihanna did the "faux paux" justice by mixing and matching washes. With the matching shade on top and different yet cohesive shade of pants, the outfit looks more like a purposeful ensemble rather than a mistake of someone just finding their style. In my rendition, I took a safer route by including a bustier with a contrasting print down the middle, so depending on how the jacket is worn, no one needs to know just how much denim is actually in your outfit. Like Rihanna, I paired the ensemble with blue court shoes, and added an orange lip to pull together the blue and the orange in the outfit.

Inspired by Rihanna

4. "Na,na,na,na. So Hard"

Even Riri has her down days. She looks effortlessly chill in this ensemble borrowed from the boys. The basic graphic hoodie and loose fit jeans can be easily dressed up with a simple gold necklace, stud earrings, and a statement hat. If you want more of a feminine flair, red lips and a cat-eye will give you the girly look you want without softening up the edginess of the outfit.

Rihanna Inspired

I hope this has inspired you to channel your inner Riri and go for the edgy side of your wardrobe. Feel free to comment below!

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