Thursday, December 5, 2013

All That Glitters: Outfits for Formal Holiday Events

Ok, so I haven't been keeping up with my blog as planned. With classes, labs, exams, and papers, I haven't had the time to even think about clothing. Seriously though, I've work leggings and a button down about 60% of the time within the past two months.

Anyway, with it being holiday season, and my love of all things formal and flashy, I wanted to do a post on holiday dresses. I chose to stick to glittery dresses and jewel tones because they look great on anyone with minimal effort, something I would look for in an outfit. Unfortunately, science has turned me into a hermit, and I have no reason what so ever to wear a formal dress

And yes, there are 8 dresses in my closet and 4 pairs of heels.I just like looking at the clothes and pretending I live a supermegaawesome life. Don't judge me.

Now that I think about it, that's pretty lame. You have full right to judge me...

Low Key Get Together

Winter Party

This is dressy, without being too dressy. It could easily go from glass in the morning to a date to a party all with a change of shoes and addition of a sweater or cardigan. I'm really into deep, vampy colors this season and love the way burgundy looks on untanned skin, so I made it the main color in this look. Because the focus on the clothing will be on the skirt (which will also bring attention to how awesome and long your legs will look in the tights and heels), I paired this with a berry lip and nails so that the eyes of the people admiring how amazing you look won't stop moving. 

Classy Winter Event

Winter Formal

I envision this outfit at a formal or something a bit classier than your general college holiday party. The colors keep with the holiday theme without being overbearing. I like peplum in this scenario because everyone looks amazing in peplums and if there is food involved, you don't have to worry about looking less than your best later in the night. 

December Night Out

Winter formal
I see this outfit working best in a city area with a more formal nightlife scene, or on a fourth or fifth date, whatever applies to you. The dress by itself is a bit boring, but I think will accentuate your best features. I included the glittery heels to add excitement into the outfit, which is carried into the eye makeup. I'd keep the rest of your face simple and use the lip stain to mimic a winter flush on your lips and cheeks.

"The Beyoncé"

Winter formal

The following dresses will be glittery, with Beyoncé themed titles, which is fine by my standards, but may not be something you favor. Gold, for me, is the ultimate holiday color. It brings together the warmth and festive feel of the season perfectly. This dress is pretty flashy, so I would keep the makeup focused on one thing with no additional glitter or sparkles. The red lip brings additional warmth to the outfit and side bun makes it more relaxed. If you have a cool undertone and look horrible in gold, try something closer to a rose color with deeper reds.

"Freakum Dress"
Winter formal

Yep, this is a freakum dress. Why? You'll turn heads like no one's business in this. The sparkle of the dress isn't so much that it's overwhelming, yet definitely won't allow you to have a low key evening. Pulled back hair and minimal nighttime makeup will keep the focus on the dress and your eyes, which is ideal for a dress like this. 

"Ring the Alarm"

Winter Formal

This dress, much like the previous dress, is a head turner. Depending on how bond you want to go, you can play up your eye makeup. Because the dress is black, you can add some color in your eyeliner, or keep a semi neutral eye and bold lip. If you want the most versatility and still turn heads, this dress is for you.

Hopefully I've given you some ideas for an upcoming event or party this holiday season. If you have any questions or comments, the box is below!

I guess I'll finish writing papers and studying for finals... Good Luck and Happy Holidays!

Note: For those wondering, I plan on blogging how I made my Dorothy Halloween costume/how to make a circle skirt and A line skirt after finals!

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