Thursday, January 15, 2015

Sweater Weather: Outfits for the New Year

     Happy New Year! I apologize in advance for the awkwardness of this post. I haven't blogged in quite some time...

     With graduate school applications and finishing up my requirements for undergrad, I have been super busy. Because of this I have neglected to contribute to this blog. Although I have a semester left before the summer, I plan on having at least one post a month. I'll try to keep things relevant, but school puts me in a place devoid of most pop culture references, so any suggestions are appreciated!!!

     As we enter the new year, the temperature finally settles into chilly winter weather. Despite living in the Mid-Atlantic,which is quite mild temperature wise, I've put together a few outfits that I think are appropriate in both colder and warmer areas. These outfits are also good for transitioning from class to going out, with a few alterations of course.

Minimal and Monotone

Sweater Weather

     This is honestly my favorite outfit of the collection. The simple combination of a cropped mock neck and printed trousers is one of my go to everyday outfits. The pants are high waist, therefore only a sliver of skin will show if wanted. Black smoking flats are my everyday shoe and happen to be super comfortable in almost all situations. The chunky grey sweater adds some physical texture to the outfit as well as making the look softer for daytime wear. 

"The Linus"

Sweater Weather

     Anyone who has watched or is familiar with the comic Peanuts will immediately get this reference. Linus, the blanket carrying piano player, was the inspiration for this outfit. Nothing screams cold winter morning than the feeling of wanting to stay wrapped in your blanket all day. This outfit is second best. The blanket poncho will keep you cozy and warm while appearing acceptable to the general public.

Cozy Chic

Sweater Weather

     This is the perfect transition outfit. During the day, the boots and red lip make the outfit look casual yet put together. It also works for class as an effortless look. To transition to nighttime, exchange the boots for heels and add a faux fur collar to add some texture to the outfit. The dark lip is perfect for a night socializing with friends.

Casual Friday

Sweater Weather

     Can you tell I intended this to be part of a fall collection? Anyway, this works for winter if you switch out the shoes and wear a coat and scarf over the sweater if necessary. This outfit would be nice for a casual office environment. I would even wear something like this in the lab (with closed toe shoes of course). The bag allows you to carry books, office supplies, and anything else you may need for a day at work.

Color of the Year

Sweater Weater

     Apparently, the magical council of color experts decided that marsala, a rustic red-brown tone, would be the color of the year. Pantone's announcement of this decision made it official. Honestly, I think this color is great, mainly because it is like a faded oxblood, which was popular a few seasons ago, and can easily function as a non-traditional neutral. This outfit features a sweater in a related color to marsala and pleather pants, both of which will keep you warm and protected from the cold winds of winter. 

     Ok, so those titles were pretty terrible, I know. I will try to have a mix of outfits as well as makeup swatches so things don't get so boring. My writing will be better, so I apologize once again for the horrid and rushed post! Until next time! 

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