Monday, December 19, 2011

Christmas in Suburbia

As the air gradually becomes cooler and the days get shorter, I get into a holiday mood. I'm one of those somewhat odd people who aspires to celebrate all of the holidays at least once in my lifetime, but my Southern Baptist family isn't as open minded. Not that they ignore other holidays, they don't want to butcher the religious meaning, which is completely understandable. Anyway, my attempt to celebrate Hanukkah this year was shot down with a simple look. Oh well, maybe next year.

So my family and I decorated the house for Christmas as we do every year. Everything looks warm and festive, and once we get the tree tomorrow, the house will be infiltrated with the sweet scent of pine. My favorite.

I also had to get a new phone due to a freak accident that shattered the screen of my old phone. The camera was it's main selling point so I took some "artistic" pictures of the house. Ignore any bad photography, I'm a scientist, not a photographer...

Happy Holidays Everyone!
All Photos Taken With T-Mobile Mytouch 4G Slide Camera in Macro Mode

Oh...and here's a picture of my shattered phone. At least it cracked in a pretty way.