Saturday, December 10, 2011

Santa, Can You Hear Me?

Hello blogger world!
I've recently switched from WordPress to Blogger, so please bear with me while I figure this out. I will say that the user friendly-ness of Blogger exceeds that of WordPress by a landslide, not that I don't like WordPress, but just something I noticed in my three days of having this new blog.

Due to it being finals week and that I have no camera other than my phone at the moment, the following post will be a repeat of the last post on my old blog. I thought it to be somewhat relevant. I'll include a link to my other blog in case you want to check that out too.

Whilst taking a Biology study break, I've decided to post the top ten things I'd like for Christmas, because who doesn't love hearing about high priced items a poor college student aspires to own?

  1. Jeffrey Campbell Black Suede Litas - Actually, I already know that I'll be getting a pair of Litas due to sizing concerns. I love these shoes with a passion, they seem to go with everything and anything. And yes, I will be the idiot walking around campus in 5 inch heels, tripping over my feet.
  2. Urban Decay's Naked 2 Palette - Yes, I do already own the first Naked Palette, and yes I am a makeup hoarder, and yes I only wear tinted moisturizer on a daily basis I wear makeup at all. I want this because I love love LOVE taupes and greiges, which are both in this palette. I feel like the first Naked palette is more of a nighttime eyeshadow palette, and this more of a matte, daytime collection.
  3. Official Quidditch Broom - Yes, I do play intercollegiate  quidditch and would like an upgrade from my dollar store, flimsy broom that partially broke in our first game. Since this broom meets IQA guidelines it would be the best broom to buy for competitive purposes.
  4. Sony DSC-HX9V 16.2 mp Camera - I actually want a Nikon but those too expensive and I have no justification for wanting a professional camera to take pictures for a blog when I have no burning desire to become a photographer. But this is better than what I'm currently using, which is my phone.
  5. Doc Marten 1460 black boots - I have an obsession with military inspired boots. Maybe its one of the few things that stuck from my "emo/scene" stage in middle/early high school. Regardless, I've always wanted a pair of Docs to add a bit of edge to my preppy-grunge clothing style. 
  6. Kate Walsh Boyfriend Perfume - This smells like a good smelling boy's sweatshirt that a girl's worn for about a week. Its glorious. Perfect mix of musk and spice with a hint of floral sweetness.
  7. Lace Maxi Skirt - I've developed a liking to maxi and midi skirts in the past year, and going along with my preppy grunge thing, nothing screams edgy and feminine more than a black lace maxi skirt. 
  8. Over sized Chunky Sweaters - I've never noticed the comfort and ease of throwing on a pair of leggings, combat boots, and a chunky sweater until late October of this year. One problem; I own two sweaters and two cardigans. Only one has enough warmth to be useful in the fall and winter.
  9. Jeffrey Campbell Night Walk Shoes - I saw these at Need Supply on break and fell in love. They are oddly comfortable and easy to walk in despite the lack of a heel. Added plus, Lady Gaga wore a glitter version of these shoes in the video for "Marry the Night".
  10. OPI's Urban Ballerina Collection - Yes this did come out a year ago, but I still love the colors in this collection and have yet to purchase it. They are the perfect neutrals, excluding the purple which just so happens to look amazing contrasted with the rich olive-bronze tones in my skin.

I hope you enjoyed this post. There will be more to come. 

I am placing the link to my old blog HERE. I plan for this blog to be more of a photo journal meets fashion blog (with better writing than "Chronicles"), so this will look nothing like my old blog.

Comment with any questions or requests!