Thursday, January 19, 2012

Girls Can be Nerds Too

During my last days of break by friend and I decided to make cupcakes. Not just any cupcakes, but nerd cupcakes, which consisted of blue Navis (from the Zelda games), poke balls, and a Mario star cake. There was a Kirby cake pop, but it tasted bad and was thrown away before pictures were taken.

Here's a picture of Navi

The cake part of the cupcakes were funfetti and the wings were made of gumpaste. We used pearl shimer to give the wings that fairy glow Navi has. Also the icing is pale blue with jewel tone blue sprinkles.

One down, 23 more to go

 And we're done!

Time for the Mario star cake. Here's a picture of a Mario star and the finished cake.

Pretty perfect right?

Finally, the poke ball cupcakes. Ignore the terrible icing, I iced these lol